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About Dr. Sydnie

Dr. Sydnie Bryant is a nationally board certified (NCCAOM) Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM).  She is licensed in Florida and Pennsylvania as an acupuncturist.  Dr. Bryant earned her Master’s degree in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (MSOM) from what is now the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, Austin, TX. in 2001. 

Dr. Bryant began her natural health professional career at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics studying massage, colon therapy, energy work, and many other modalities.  She practiced massage and colon health in Boulder and Denver, Colorado for many years.  In Colorado, she also worked and studied with amazing local herbalists like Brigitte Mars, furthered her homeopathic studies and worked with many people on fasts and cleanses.  
Dr. Bryant practiced acupuncture in the faculty clinic of AOMA in Austin, Texas while also serving as the Vice-President of Business Operations for AOMA School of Integrative Medicine.  Dr. Bryant created the White Crane Herb stores in Austin providing Chinese herbs, feng shui materials, crystals, essential oils.  
Dr. Bryant moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she owned a multi-practitioner whole health resource center providing acupuncture, massage and yoga. Dr. Bryant worked with IVF Pittsburgh and enjoyed helping many families She taught at the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy while in Pittsburgh. 

In Sarasota, Dr. Bryant was a faculty member of East West College of Natural Medicine.

So many opportunities in life allowed Dr. Bryant to create an eclectic array of tools and skills. She traveled to China, working in Chinese hospitals, studied TaiChi in a Buddhist monastery and toured many Chinese herb manufacturers.  Dr. Bryant has studied with amazing Western herbalists and toured several supplement manufacturers in the United States.  Dr. Bryant’s studies include cleansing therapies, cranio-sacral therapy with both Hugh Milne and the Upledger Institute.  She is an essential oil enthusiast and utilizes essential oils when appropriate.  Dr. Bryant is an advanced student practitioner of meditation with Dr. Joe Dispenza.  Sessions with Dr. Bryant may also include lab testing, Sound Therapy and angels.

As a Acupuncture Physician and Intuitive Counselor, my goal is to assist you in living a healthy life: mind, body and soul.  

You will be amazed how easily vitality grows when aligning all parts of your being.  You are meant to be joyful and happy and each aspect of your being deserves to be heard and healed.  

I treat you not your disease.  

 me for a specialized acupuncture session in Sarasota, Florida.  Either way, we treat you not your disease.  

Times of Need 
Times of Wealth

As a single mom who has lived a life where there was just $100 in the bank, I understand a time of need is when we need help the most and can afford it the least.  Email me if you are serious about moving forward on a challenge in your life but truly cannot afford it.  I LOVE IT when my patients excel and exceed their wildest dreams.  

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