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Why Does Hair Loss Happen?

My list is a bit different from most websites talking about hair loss. 

  • Any person experiencing shifts in hormones:  menopause, childbirth, miscarriages, artificial hormone therapy

  • Women with heavy menstrual flow.

  • People who wear their hair in styles that involve pulling the hair in any direction. 

  • People on medications like chemotherapy.  Other common medication categories known to have hair loss side effects are birth control pills, high blood pressure medication, acne medication, cholesterol lowering medication, NSAIDS, weight loss drugs, thyroid medication.

  • People who have been through loss or trauma within a year of the beginning of the hair loss.  Trauma can be financial stress, divorce, health trauma, grief, pandemic, etc. 

  • People trying to lose weight rapidly and people with nutritional deficiencies.

  • People with some auto-immune disease.

  • People experiencing heavy metal toxicity.

Beautiful Women

Healthy Hair Program

The feeling of chunks of hair flowing down your body and into the drain is scary. Our hair shapes much of our personality and appearance.  Why is hair loss  happening and how can you fix it?

Healthy Hair Program

First, we will talk with you to determine your specific needs and situation!  

We determine your hair loss condition by your descriptions, a detailed health history with the Chinese medicine perspective, and other Chinese medicine tools like tongue diagnosis .  Lab tests are optional. These may include vitamin and mineral levels, heavy metal toxicity and hormone levels.

Second, we will treat the whole you!


Our system is designed to layer treatment into an effective system addressing body, mind and spirit.  We use a variety of natural treatments with historical effectiveness.

  • Supplements

  • Herbs

  • Massage

  • Essential Oils

  • Stress and Anxiety Tools


And we teach you to use these tools effectively! 

Each package comes with a FREE 15 minute initial conversation with a licensed acupuncturist to determine if this protocol is right for you. After we decide to move forward, we will review your health history and develop a personal protocol.  Included is another 15 minute follow up conversation to answer questions.

Today is YOUR DAY!  Take Action for YOU!

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