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 Kids with  Masks

Immune Support 

Today more than ever we need to take care of our immune systems for ourselves and our family.  Chinese Medicine has so many valuable and effective herbs and techniques to support our immunity.   

I have kids in school and understand the complexities a parent faces today.  I want to help you utilize what you may already have and advise you on what you may want to add to boost your immune system.  

Immune Support Program

Masks in Classroom

The Immune Support Program offers a simple support option and a more involved and specific program.


The Immune Support Simple Program is a flat fee program that provides a 25 minute consult, immune support advice and connects you to the ability to purchase professional quality products online.  Immune Support for Kids program is offered free of charge.  

The Immune Support Program Individualized offers more specific advice based on your special circumstances and needs.  This program includes health history intake and 45 minutes of telemedicine plus online access to all the products you need.

To Sign Up for Either Program

Email for a Free 15 minute Initial Consult Appointment

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