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Beginning Meditation After Trauma: A Path to a New Life

Trauma happens to all of us. Recovery can be time consuming, lonely and confusing. Many well-meaning people offer advice but often the first step is the most difficult to grasp. This book offers 30 meditations that are short, easy to do, and require no previous experience. Each meditation includes insight as to why this meditation is useful in your life and healing. Beginning Meditation After Trauma is the tool needed for healing and moving forward after trauma.

Trauma happens every day: health diagnosis, death, miscarriages, rape, abuse, betrayal, etc. Whether the trauma happened yesterday or years ago, the challenge of beginning meditation includes acknowledging and finding peace with the trauma. Trauma scatters energy and makes it difficult to focus, creating a disconnection in our mind and body. Meditation is about finding peace and clarity.

This book is written by an acupuncturist and includes her own personal healing journey as well as the Chinese medicine perspective. Each meditation comes with a simple explanation and insights about how this meditation is useful in your healing journey. Trauma often makes us feel over-whelmed. Each step is kept short, easy to understand and to the point. This book is very user-friendly to any person who wants to begin meditation. Offer it as a gift to a friend or begin your own meditation journey.

With Beginning Meditation After Trauma, you will no longer be intimidated by meditation. Meditation will become natural, comfortable and a daily tool for handling stress. Through the meditations you will find self-love, feel in control of your body and life and look forward to a beautiful future.

Why I like it

Cause I wrote it! This book is a culmination of 30 years of meditation and natural health expertise motived by my own 4 year trauma journey. I was good at meditation and then when life threw me a series of curve balls I used meditation as my main healing tool. The book is easy to read and simple to digest. 

If you want to start meditating, buy the book.

If you have a friend in trauma and don't know how to help, gift the book.

If you are a practitioner helping those after trauma, recommend the book.

Let the healing begin!

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