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Acupuncture  $120 session

Consultations and Coaching

               I work with many types of concerns beyond the programs.  To schedule an online consultation, we will first schedule a FREE online consult.  This is the first online meeting to meet each other and decide to go forward with enthusiasm.  After that meeting each consult is $45 for 30 minutes. 

Tests Available (prices vary, available upon request)

GI Map, Hormone Panels, Adrenal Stress Tests, Food Allergies, Heavy Metal Toxicities, Weight Management Profiles, Neuro Profiles, Iodine Profiles. 

Ordering lab work is done by mail and utilizes dried blood, saliva or urine.  The ability to legally order lab work will depend on the state you live in.  Lab diagnostics are helpful for diagnosis and accurately assessing prognosis but are not required.

               Lab review – results will be copied to you, the patient and we will provide a 15 minute online review of lab results.                                                                                     $15


First Consult – 60 minutes online consult                              $120

                              In the First Consult, the health history will have been emailed to you and returned to Dea Blue.  We will go through your health history, talk about your goals and concerns and go through the proposed protocol.  Lab testing may be utilized at an additional price. 


Products from online distributors at 10% discount

                            I know the companies I use and trust their quality.  When possible, I will work with any products you have at home.  Quality products are necessary for effectiveness.  You can reorder any products at any time. 



First Follow-up consult – 15 minutes online                         FREE

                              After a month I would really like to follow up and see how you are doing.  Of course, you can use this follow-up at any time    


Additional consults as desired for program participants – 30 minutes online          $30

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