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What Makes a Great Natural Health Experience?

Off and on through the years, a patient will get really excited about their experiences with natural medicine and convince a loved one to come in and try it. Often the loved one’s experience is not as great as the enthusiastic patient. And sadly, the disappointment of their loved one’s experience sometimes tarnishes the enthusiasm and effects for the excited patient.

Why? What makes a great natural health experience? Of course, educated, experienced practitioners are required. And, a practitioner that meets your needs at the moment. And by that I mean, while I am a great acupuncturist, I am not everyone’s great acupuncturist. Some folks just gel with another practitioner more than me. Or the other practitioner’s gifts are the one’s needed at that moment for that patient. That’s ok. There are plenty of people who can use my gifts as a natural health practitioner. While Susie and I get on great and make great improvements in her life, Susie’s best friend and I are not meant to work together. Synergy is an element in healing.

Once you have found a great practitioner to work with, the next factor is you. Are you a great natural health patient?

First, you must be open to new experiences. You need to stay within comfortable boundaries, but you also push your comfort zone a bit. Some folks can’t fathom getting a massage because they don’t want someone seeing their body. Your massage therapist doesn’t pay attention to weight, or hairy legs, or deformed parts. Their hands are focused on how to help you. Afraid of needles? Try acupuncture, but let your acupuncturist know. Natural health may be a series of new experiences at a time when you are nervous about your health. Talk to practitioners and be honest. We have heard it before and are happy to chat and ease your nervousness.

Second, natural health requires you to be responsible in your own health care. Be willing to take responsibility and make a few changes. Natural health requires you to be the coach of your health care team. You put together your MD, chiropractor, acupuncturist, etc. and decide how to manage your health. Compare that to the traditional view of seeing a doctor and taking whatever medications they may prescribe. That is a fine method if it is working. Natural health people are often the folks who don’t fit in that way of health care.

Third, natural health care is a wholistic medicine. We may talk about diet, emotions, lifestyle, exercise in relation to your chief concern. We believe your ankle bone is connected to your neck bone. We believe your emotions do affect your digestion. We will treat the whole you. Some practitioners like to talk about feelings, some don’t. When you find the practitioner you gel with, trust their process.

Openness to change, ability to take responsibility for yourself and make those changes is what makes natural health work. The patient has the hard part in this process. Your team of health care advisors are your support and expertise to guide you in the right direction.

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