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Ju Hua/ Gou Qi Zi   25 grams

Ju Hua/ Gou Qi Zi 25 grams

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While in China, my favorite restaurant served this delicious tea made of Ju Hua (Chrysanthemum Flower) and Gou Qi Zi (Lycii berries).  In Chinese herbal tradition, this combination is said to clear heat from the body and brighten the eyes.  This makes the tea especially nice on hot days.  You can enjoy the tea warm or room temperature.  Our Chrysanthemum Flower & Goji berries are organically grown. 


This herb bag makes 3-5 pots of tea.  Use divided portions of the flowers and berries, cover in hot water, let is steep for 10-15 minutes and enjoy.  Cover and refrigerate any unused tea. 

  • Tea Instructions

    Simply select about 5 flowers and 2-3 berries.  Place them in a teapot.  Pour hot water over them and drink.  Can be consumed warm or at room temperature.  


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